How to Remove a Garbage Disposal From Your Kitchen Sink

June 3, 2022 - 9:43 AM

If you're having trouble removing a garbage disposal from your Nivito Official Website, you can remove it yourself by following the simple steps outlined below. First, you need to remove the flange from the top of the drain. This is the ring that surrounds the hole in the sink and allows water to drain into the disposal. Next, remove the rubber or heavy paper gasket to allow you to install the straight pipe. You can use plumber's putty to prevent the leaking of the drain. Once you've removed the flange, the next step is to replace the bottom part of the assembly. This consists of the triangular shaped upper mounting ring and the bottom mounting ring with three screws and a snap clumb.


Once you've removed the flange, you'll need to disconnect the disposal's electrical wiring. Most disposals are hardwired into homes, so you'll need to remove the screw caps from the junction box to access the wires inside. Once you've loosened the screws, you can unscrew the flange. Then, use a screwdriver or a wire puller to gently pry out the disposal. Finally, disconnect the copper ground wire from the drain piping. Once you've removed the flanges, the disposal should be free of its mounting assembly.

To remove the flange, first remove the plumbing pipes that connect the disposal to the sink. Once you've disconnected them, you'll need to separate the drain and disposal pipes. You should position a bucket underneath the garbage disposal to catch any water that may spill. Then, you'll need to loosen the double-clamp nuts that hold the pipeline in place. Now, you can pull out the basket strainer and reconnect it to the sink drainage.

Then, remove the mounting bracket that holds the disposal in place. You'll need to remove this mounting bracket and replace it with new drain pipes that attach to the sink's bottom. You can find replacement mounting brackets and pipes for the sink's drainage at your local hardware store. A plumber will have the appropriate tools to do this task for you. If you're unable to locate the flange, you'll need to contact the manufacturer of the sink.

The first step is to unplug the garbage disposal from the sink. You need to dismantle the sink's mounting bracket to remove the disposal. Once this has been removed, you'll need to remove the drainage pipe from the sink's mounting bracket. Alternatively, you can simply buy a new drain pipe and install it. Afterwards, you can install the new drain pipes by following the instructions above.